I'm Pepper Solana (also known as “Pepa”), I was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1993.

Properly raised by my grandparents, I was the child of a broken home, moving from parent to parent to grandparents and back to parents on an emotional rollercoaster, until I gained my independence at 19.

I recall much of my sadness and insecurities stem from being bullied and called weird by other kids at school, but through the love and devotion for the art of music, theatre and my parents kindness, molded me distinctly, into the passionate singer and performer I am today.

My father is a creative music warrior that fueled me love for music and strength to be great. From an early age, he used to play guitar and sing to me when I was a young sponge. My love for the art of music and melody went straight to my heart. I was the perfect receptacle as I would sit and soak up the music all day long with my dad, until I fell asleep.

I began making a living as a singer at age 14, when I was literally gigging every week for money. I got my first apartment at 19, and was on my own.

Artistically, I attribute the most inspiring and influential artist to my diverse range and style: Black Crowes, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Lisa Fisher, Chaka Khan, Etta James ...


At an early age I toured the eastern & Spanish speaking nations with my band “Pepper & The Stringalings” and other great artists, where I garnered a wealth of experience which lasted over 5 years before heading to New York. In the midtime, I was performing with Tini Stoessel in the European “Got Me Started Tour”.

One day I moved to New York for a course at the New York Jazz Academy ... And decided to stay.

Shortly after I met my wonderful angels: Mike Evariste and Royal Bayyan, who now manage me.

I worked with producers and songwriters such as Balewa Muhammad, Teddy Riley or Cannon Mapp. And performed with The Patax Band, Jahiem, Teddy Riley (at his Hollywood Star Commemoration), and Nile Rodgers.

Now I'm living in North Harlem with four cats. And I'm vegan …

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